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A vision

Tacklebox is the studio and vision of Megan Sue Norris, a visual and sculptural artist residing in Pacific Grove.

To build something beautiful:

24000 Robinson Canyon Rd. Unit C, Carmel Valley, CA 93923



My dad gave me my first tackle box when I was about eleven years old. I remember how special it felt- a tiny, red, metal version of the big, clunky plastic one that he had. He gave me a few lures, hooks, sinkers, little trinkets to make me feel like I was a real fisherwoman. I felt power. Power to bait my own hook, power to fix my floater if it fell off, power to re-string my line after that huge catfish broke it. The tackle box gave me a new route to access creativity.

As I grew up, the tackle box contents evolved. From fishing supplies, to random bits of nature, treasures I found in the woods behind my house. To art supplies that I used to design dresses. To "makeup" which was only thirty flavors of Lip Smackers. Eventually, it came back around to art supplies. I carried one through college, graduate school, and I lost it somewhere along the way. I found it again when I moved to California and opened my studio. Tacklebox seemed like a good name for the place that holds all my tools, ideas, and treasures. I can no longer tote my tackle box along with me, but I'm fine with that. What's even better is that people can come visit my tackle box. Or, I can make something here that is beautiful and inspiring that you can take. My tackle box isn't just for me anymore, it's here for the world to explore.